The importance of the supply chain is now clear to all, but will your technology meet the expectation


Accurate container and order visibility and control has long been the ultimate goal for manufacturers (OEMs) and lead logistics providers (LLPs), however the software solutions market has never really embraced or facilitated this goal, preferring to focus solely on individual segments or modes thereby further perpetuating the antiquated, silo’d approach to supply chain management.

This partly because container management can mean many things to many people as do container management software solutions. Whereas service providers may be interested in little more than the container itself and its cargo classification, the shipper of that cargo will be interested in far more detailed information about the cargo including shipment order information, purchase order, packaging media and SKU level information.

Knowing which SKUs are in which containers, which order lines they represent and which purchase order they reconcile against can be critical to the shipper. In addition, knowing where the container is destined, how it will be routed there and what are the latest ETAs at each point in the supply chain and ultimately its final ETA it critical. This is especially true if the cargo is feeding local manufacturing plant or fulfilling the needs of time critical or seasonal sales channels. Having visibility and control of all of this information seamlessly, end-to-end visibility within one solution, ProAct calls a ‘Control Tower’.

A true Control Tower technology brings many benefits, not least that it can project more accurately, down to SKU level the availability of product currently in the supply chain at its final destination. Knowing what product is in which containers at what points in the supply chain also makes it easier to re-prioritise individual containers and expedite critical SKUs. All of this relies on the solution capable of having a detailed understanding of the entire process flow, its decision logic, its dependencies, its service providers, its constraints and overall the routing options for a specific container. This in turn relies on a technology that is dynamic, configurable and flexible enough to project, predict and optimise a complex end-to-end, multi-modal supply chain based on all of this data.


Multi-Time Zone
Multi-Unit Of Measures (UOM)
Multi-Modal (Transport)
VIN Decoding
Factory-to-consumer planning and execution
End-to-end control tower visibility
Aftermarket VIN activity management
Network Yard Management
Yard Graphical real-time visualization
Multi-modal route and process planning
Dynamic multi-modal Itinerary projection
Sophisticated yard process/activity management

Perpetually configurable events & triggers
Service provider allocation and collaboration
Route capacity constraints
Resource capacity constraints
UMLER data storage and reference facility
Document Management (including barcode, QR code creation)
Workshop, Resource & Parts Control and Planning
Truck, Railcar and Vessel Load/Manifest Planning & Tracking
KPI Tracking & MIS dashboarding
Vehicle or Equipment photographic inspections & surveys
‘Hold’ management & release
AIAG format damage management
Upfitting management (PIO,DIO,FIO)
Equipment management
Cost And revenue tariff management
Freight Audit Billing management
Extensive Integration capabilities (EDI, Web Services, APIs, GPS etc)

Resource capacity constraints
Rail Load Management
Barcode Scanning
RFID Configuration
Storage management


VIN originating data capture/request
Status recording (battery, tyre, GPS etc)
Status based rules and task triggers
Automatic assignment of yard tasks
Resolution verification


Android native online/offline App Secure device authorisation
Inspection/Survey Management
Automatic Job allocation & management
Photo, annotation and signature capture
GPS tracking & Geofencing
Range of operational support functions


Yard Management for Finished Vehicle Logistics is a member of the ProAct Yard Management suite which includes ‘Yard Management for Cross-Dock’ and ‘Yard Management for Transload’.  Finished vehicle logistics and indeed vehicle yard management is a core competency for ProAct and a market that ProAct has been involved in since the late 90’s.

Over the years ProAct has deployed yard management solutions on behalf of a number global 3PL providers. Today we consider both our yard management solution and wider finished vehicle logistics solutions to be unique and differentiating ‘best of breed’ global capabilities. The summary below only touches on the extensive scope and depth of capabilities available within this solution.

Multi-manufacturer, multi-yard, multi-modal capability


ProAct’s browser based, yard management solution supports the majority of functions needed for the complete management of one or more yards processing one or more manufacturers’ vehicles. The process typically starts with an electronic production forecast or pre-advice of expected VINs.  VINs may arrive from the production line or indeed be gated in from other plants or facilities coming via road, rail, ocean, at unit level or even containerised.  For externally arriving vehicles the yard may often be a staging or consolidation point for onward distribution.  This applies to both dedicated manufacturer yards and indeed mixing centres dealing with many manufacturers.  Furthermore, the ProAct solution can be applied to any yard type including post-production yards, port/terminal yards, VPCs or mixing centres. Equally, the functionality of yard management can be used in whole or in part for activities ranging from full blown yard management to haul away operations.
Configurable, rules based yard processes based on multiple criteria


ProAct’s yard management is based on its configurable, process execution technology which allows processes and rules to be user defined and then executed by the solution. There is virtually no limit to the extent or granularity of these processes. This means that virtually any criteria can be applied within the rule base to determine the specific processes and tasks that must take place on a particular VIN. These rules are dynamic, so that any change to the status of the vehicle (eg. Damage, dealer allocation, up fitting) might invoke a totally new process which may include moving the vehicle to a third party location for rectification or modification.

From the ProAct solutions user community…

Downtime related to software has not been seen by our organization. We have the utmost confidence in this product to maintain our customer needs.

The emphasis on making the software user-friendly recognizes the need for the end-users to be able to use the tool and do their specific jobs.

I like the possibilities of the software growing with our needs as we address expanding pieces of the market.

I like the deep industry knowledge of the team that supports us, which continue to grow over time.

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