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About ProAct Americas

ProAct Americas, is an authorized independent reseller of ProAct International products and services in the US. We can provide local support and resources for the procurement, implementation and support of ProAct International solutions. With knowledgeable local resource as well as priority access to ProAct International resources, we can help you realize leading edge, global supply chain solution capabilities via a local US company.

what we do

At ProAct Americas
we can offer the following services:

Product Licensing

We are authorized to sell ProAct International product licenses based on several licensing and commercial models. With such flexibility in pricing there's usually always a model that works.
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Solution Development

Individual customers may drive both minor and strategic changes to the core application, handled and released in agreed timeframes in
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Go-to-market Strategy

Pre-configured demo or pilot solutions may be provided to a new or existing client in order for them to show and demonstrate differentiating technology to their prospective clients in order to support the winning of new or retention of existing business.
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Systems Implementation

Smooth and rapid deployment is a key to the success of the project. Proper design and project management is critical up to this point, however if the physical implementation is not performed swiftly and efficiently then the impact on the business is soon apparent. Deployment is a skill and requires people with a view and understanding of both the business and the IT. Throwing purely technical resources into a deployment rarely leads to success. Where these deployments are global in nature, then an understanding of not only the business, but also regional culture and practices is paramount.
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Operational Planning

Implementing a supply chain management solution is only half the story. Without proper process definitions and documented working practices no solution can be entirely effective.Our involvement in operational planning is geared towards helping the business rationalize and re-engineer these processes with a view to maximizing the effectiveness of the solution and gaining maximum user acceptance.
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Integration can be achieved in several different ways ranging from flat ASCII file integration to seamless real-time integration between data sources. Both the business requirement and the flexibility of each integrator will determine the most appropriate method. Many industries standard EDI formats exist, however even within a so-called standard, variations, sometimes significant, can be found from one instance to another.
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ProAct Americas can offer tailored training courses targeted at end-users, supervisors and systems administrators. Courses are tailored to the specific requirements, environment and marketplace of the particular deployment to ensure its relevance to the client embarking on a new development may well not have the skills or experience in more current technologies and techniques or indeed may be restricted by internal policies or practices.
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Project Management

To ensure successful delivery of each solution, projects are managed to strict processes by experienced project managers. Their involvement is hands-on and spans the whole lifecycle of the project from feasibility to user acceptance. We strongly believe in the need for strict project management and planning as the only way to ensure complete success of a project.
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who are we


is a Supply Chain Software Solutions company that has worked globally with some of the biggest names in the industry for over 25 years, deploying unique and innovative, mission critical, enterprise solutions.

As you would expect after all this time we, and our customers, thrive on our unsurpassed combination of highly skilled individuals, extensive industry knowledge and leading-edge development techniques.

What you might not expect is such a high level of innovation and creativity, which differentiates us as solution creators and empowers our clients to truly differentiate themselves in their respective markets. ProAct is highly driven and results focused.

We offer strategic solutions to a client base that is typically made up of high-profile 3PL’s, LLP’s/4PL’s and Manufacturers, who adopt our systems to fulfill either a market specific or solution specific, strategic need.

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