ProAct sponsors Best Digital Mindset award at ECG

On the 14th October Christian Fuss, Managing Director of ProAct Europe, had the pleasure to attend the ECG Conference in Brussels and represent ProAct at the ECG Awards.


Please see the link to the event including the Agenda, pictures, and the presentations from the speakers.


ProAct is sponsoring the ECG Academy and providing an award for Digital Mindset for the Student who has the best Thesis in the area of Technology and Digitalisation. In addition to the award ProAct also provided an Apple Ipad. As the sponsor of the academy the ProAct International Logo was very present during the graduation of the students.


Christian Fuss presented the award and commented, “ Congratulations! Highly flexible software that adapts to your business where change (and sometimes significant and rapid change) is perpetual as the business flex’s to meet ever changing market, environmental, geopolitical and strategic challenges, is a game changer. However, technology alone is not sufficient. Managing this often chaotic IT landscape where change is perpetual, demands a new breed of IT mentally agile and creative management.
This new human digital mindset is critical to the future of our businesses and that is the reason ProAct is sponsoring the ECG Academy”.


Artur Gowin – Winner of the ProAct Award for Digital Mindset in 2021, responded “It’s an absolute pleasure to be the first laureate of this award in the history of the ECG Academy!

Digitalization is not only our daily basis, it’s a continuous process of development and improvement of our industry, our sector, and our world.
I’m so happy that a company like ProAct and you try to motivate people and show them how this aspect it’s important for our environment, for our work and our lives as well!
I’d like to thank all people which I had the pleasure to cooperate with during this project. I hope that on the current course of ECG Academy 2021/2022 this project will be continued”
“Many thanks to ProAct International Ltd and Christian Fuss for their great lectures and for initiating a new award! I am glad that I had the pleasure to become the 1st laureate of this award in the history of ECG Academy.”

Artur also added “I think this is a great opportunity to get publicity for ProAct – but there is more:

  • We educate the students who go back into their respective companies and are potentially the future automotive logistics leaders and our potential customers
  • We make technology and digital transformation a topic for discussion and companies aware that they need to have a strategy in place
  • We make this a topic for our industry”


The next ECG Academy Class 21/22 has already started and ProAct will provide the Keynote Speech to the students on the 29th November

2021 in Bremen.